Challenging yourself with texture

I took a departure from my current series of metal inspired prints to try something new with texture.  For Valentine’s Day, my husband bought me a few of the brush packs from Corel and I went to town with texture.

I had an image from the New York Public Library Digital Collection (you can find the Public Domain Collection here) that I used as inspiration.  The original painting had no texture besides brush strokes, but once I began layering splatters and textures on top of the image, I became obsessed with the possibilities.

Even though I’m working on another series right now, I think taking a departure from the series and doing something completely different starts me thinking in new creative ways.  It becomes therapy, really.  Instead of my straight lines and glittery geometry, I explored splatters, drips, textures and wild brush strokes.  Once I began, I worked pretty quickly and then found myself thinking of new designs with more of an art nouveau angle.

It’s good to step outside your comfort zone from time to time.  I challenge you to try something outside of what you ordinarily paint and post it on Instagram using #creativedeparture.  I’ll find your posts (and so will tons of other people!).  Keep experimenting.




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