Don’t forget to change your paper!

I just finished a new design in Corel Painter 2017 and wanted to post about changing the paper texture.  I was struggling to make my starfish look realistic when it suddenly dawned on me that if I use the chalks and change the paper texture, I can go from a uniform color (because I like to use the airbrush tools the most) to a more textured finish, mimicking the texture of a starfish (they’re pretty rough in real life).

First, I went to a hard grained paper and outlined my object, then I changed to a pebbled paper and filled in some more details.  When I went to a hand laid paper it really started to pop.  Here are some close ups and the finished piece.

I don’t know how I forget that step sometimes, but it really makes all of the difference.  Next time you’re struggling with something that looks flat – try changing the texture of the paper and layering on some of those awesome chalks.  It really gives dimension (and it’s fun).


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