The Creation of the Collection

Malaysian Floral Collection Leigh Cornell (Sand and Chi)

This was one of the collections I created this summer as part of the Textile Design Lab’s Summer of Creativity course.  I think this one was one of the most exciting ones for me, mainly because I realized how far my painting (digitally and with actual paints) has come.  The two main floral prints were created using a combination of Corel Painter 19, lots of different filters from various sources, and good old fashioned paper and watercolor.

The hibiscus print started as a single flower, manipulated many times to get different shapes and angles.  The big leaves were painted in Painter 19, mainly with oil brushes so I could experiment and build some nice texture and depth in them.  I created a custom pattern to make the batik happen (it’s subtle, but it’s really there!) and then layered multiple images of that pattern using different composting methods (reverse out, multiply, screen, etc.) before it started to look like there was actually some wax resist techniques.

Later, I took the same motifs and remixed them into new patterns to coordinate with the first group.  This was really one of the projects this summer that gave me focus and a sense of accomplishment.

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