Neutral Colored West African Print Collection

Neutral Feather Brush Cross Pattern TN

As part of the Textile Design Lab Summer of Creativity, I discovered a new love for West African inspired textiles.  I love the bold colors of African fabrics – but I also love the simple black and white (or cream and white, or white with charcoal) designs that are so classic but completely modern.  These prints were inspired by mud cloth (which is also called Bogolan or bogolanfini).  I kept the motifs simple, but there’s nothing simple about them when you see them in use.

East African Check it out here.

I’m not sure I can choose a favorite design from this collection, but I think I have my eye on one particular piece from Society6.  There’s something elegant, yet very casual about this print.  Phone Case

When I started the collection, I fell in love with the motifs and patterns of the mud cloth – and I do love me some black and white!  I added a grass texture to most of the prints – a sort of woven grass – to give it some dimension and I loved the way it really made the patterns that much more special.

This is definitely a collection I will be adding to in the near future.  I see a few new motifs coming – maybe with some seed pods or other natural elements.

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