Cyber Monday Notice!

Didn’t want anyone to miss this – I generally post these things on the Limited Time Specials section, but figured I’d post it here so everyone knows about it!  I have lots of new designs in my Society6 shop – and lots more in my Redbubble shop – oh, and don’t forget Zazzle!

The Creation of the Collection

This was one of the collections I created this summer as part of the Textile Design Lab’s Summer of Creativity course.  I think this one was one of the most exciting ones for me, mainly because I realized how far my painting (digitally and with actual paints) has come.  The two main floral prints were…

Coordinate Print – Canyon Circles and Stripes

 This is a coordinate print from the Canyon Collection – it is the reverse print on pillows and duvet covers for the Craftsman Inspired Circles and Stripes pattern.  I loved it so much, it’s also available in bath coordinates just by itself – or you know you can combine it with the other prints. Geometric…

Sun Washed Stripe

This is the coordinating Stripe for my sun-washed beach rose print.  It’s a softly blended watercolor stripe with lots of texture.  You can find it on Society6 as part of my Beach Rose Collection.