Starry Night Repurposed VCR Case

20171118_191836This is one of my favorite new projects – using VCR Cassettes as a canvas.  This one was created in several layers.  The first was an acrylic pour which brought all of the blue and gray shades into the piece.  I immediately thought “galaxy” when it dried, and then built on that idea.  Next, I used blue glitter suspended in a transparent medium to get the swirl effects shown below.20171001_155557 - Copy

You can just make out the faint shimmer above the black line along the bottom.  It’s subtle in the pictures, but you can still see the glimmer through the resin coating.  It looks like the glitter is just floating on top of the swirls.  The dark cells are also quite lovely and remind me of distant planets.

When I was happy with the background, I went to town adding stars and – yes – more glitter.  20171118_191836

When everything was in place, I sealed it with a thick coat of resin.  I’ve tried a bunch of them but for my cases, I like the Gedeo Crystal by Pebeo (not a typo, Gedeo by Pebeo).  I absolutely love creating these small works.  They’re great little places to store things, and I love something with a dual purpose – plus, it keeps all of those VCR Cassettes out of the landfill – win!

If you have to have this one, it’s still available from my Etsy Shop.

I am going to keep creating these little wall art pieces and I’ll post about each one – every one is different and I love combining all sorts of different materials when I create them – I never know what they’re going to be until I haul out my supplies!


A New Beginning

Etsy Shop Banner

I’m pretty excited – I just opened my Etsy shop today.   Originally, it was supposed to open in 2014, but life took a different twist and here I am three years later getting back to what I wanted to do.

Those three years in between were pretty chaotic, but even in that chaos – with all of that stress – art was my stability.  In those three years I found myself as an artist and learned some new skills that help me to be more creative.

Etsy Shop opening

I have amassed a collection of materials to work with and have really come to rely on those quiet moments when I am creating as a way to bring balance to my life.  I have discovered that my tangible art is vastly different from my digital art – but when I look at my art as a whole, there’s more cohesion than I thought.

I have often stressed over the fact that I didn’t have a “signature” style.  Recently, I realized that the more art I created, the more similar those works became.  My signature developed organically – thorough the creation of new works – and I guess I spent a lot of time stressing when I didn’t have to.  I think that pattern will continue.  An organic narrowing of my aesthetic that will develop with time.  I’m excited to see where it goes next.

I also discovered that everything in life is better with a bit of glitter.  It’s hard to be unhappy or stressed when you’re sprinkling glitter on something.  I think I’m going to glitter everything – just because.

So stop by and visit my Etsy Shop!  I’ll know if you did because I set up the Google Analytics….just sayin’.


Golden Jellyfish

Golden Jellyfish TN
Golden Jellyfish

Multiple floaters on a green sea.  I love the “ghostly” aspect of the top jellies.  I gave each one it’s own personality with different shades of orange, yellow, and red.

This one is also available on Society6 – think shower curtain!

Red and White Jellyfish

Red and White Jellyfish Bubbles TN
Red and White Jellyfish

This was my first jellyfish – the one that started the obsession.  I like the way it popps off the background – it gives it some real dimension and that effect gives the jelly some substance.

It is available in my Society6 shop.

Give the audience what they want…Chaos.

Back in July, I reworked this site to achieve a more clean, consistent appearance – making it more like a portfolio than a conglomeration of posts.  Granted, all of my pre-July posts were related to my art, but there was a pretty healthy mixture of final designs, how-to posts, and other posts that gave this blog an inconsistent, all-over-the-place feel.  At least, that’s what I thought (and what someone whose opinion I respect thought).

So I redesigned.

I focused on my digital work.  I took down my artistic experiments, my random thoughts about this design or that, and my “I’m so excited by this, I simply must share” postings.  I streamlined, created pages, and kept the look consistently clean and polished.

And my view stats took a nosedive.  A 75% down sort of dive (a horrifying number).  When my blog views tumbled, my sales tumbled as well (not so shocking).  I gave it 4 months to correct.  It didn’t.  So now, welcome back to my crazy, random, hard-to-define blog.

The lesson is this:  the same approach doesn’t work for everyone.  I follow artist sites where the look, message, and theme is consistent, polished, and simple.  I’m sure those artists do very well.  I am now aiming between my former chaos and my most recent foray into clean and simplistic.   The truth is, this blog is similar to my style as an artist – both suffer from an artistic form of  multiple personality disorder.  I’m okay with that.

I am inspired by so many things that I utilize a variety of mediums to produce an array of subject matter in multiple forms.  I paint, snap, fling pigments, pour colors, drip resin, create embellishments and add doo-dads to my work.  I upload and post.  I wrap and ship.  My work is downloaded and purchased in America and around the world.  I have a sort of Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD) and that works for me.

All of it comes together in my work and every foray into a new area has made me a better artist.  Working digitally made me a better painter.  Working on abstracts gave me a new perspective on color and texture.  Photography forced me to look at things in new ways and then I began to print those photos, transfer the images, and paint over them or simply layer my photos on top of one another to get new digital compositions.  All of these techniques force me to be creative in new ways and add a new lens to look through when I’m facing a blank canvas.

So join me on this wild ride through artistic expression.  Not all images will appeal to everyone and you probably won’t be able to identify work in my “signature style”, but it won’t be boring.  I’ll continue to stretch myself as an artist and provide those who are so inclined with some new experiments, ideas, and tips.  We’ll talk acrylics (which I’m passionate about once again), layers, and yes, digital art.  I might even throw in some photography or resin paintings – and I’ll add glitter and crystals when I am so inclined!

Embrace the chaos with me.

Love and Pigments,

R.L. Cornell


Here are the new changes!

Changes Graphic

As you know, I’ve been reorganizing the site – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been designing!  I have a bunch of new designs that are available and I’ve been posting about them over on my new design blog Sand Dog Designs.  I’ve decided to devote this blog to my art as a digital portfolio, but I didn’t want to lose my ability to post about my designs that are available on various POD sites, so I started a new blog for that.  Please hop over there to check out the posts where you can find links and all sorts of deals on my art.

Interestingly enough, as I began this process I noticed that my shower curtain designs actually cost less in my own CafePress shop than they do in the larger CafePress marketplace so if you’re looking for one, go here or simply follow the links I put up.  I try to put the links with the lowest prices under the image, but sometimes one of the sites runs a sale so it doesn’t always work.

I’ll continue to organize this online portfolio, so make sure you check the pages on the top menu to find new work.  Thanks for all of the follows and support!