Here are the new changes!

Changes Graphic

As you know, I’ve been reorganizing the site – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been designing!  I have a bunch of new designs that are available and I’ve been posting about them over on my new design blog Sand Dog Designs.  I’ve decided to devote this blog to my art as a digital portfolio, but I didn’t want to lose my ability to post about my designs that are available on various POD sites, so I started a new blog for that.  Please hop over there to check out the posts where you can find links and all sorts of deals on my art.

Interestingly enough, as I began this process I noticed that my shower curtain designs actually cost less in my own CafePress shop than they do in the larger CafePress marketplace so if you’re looking for one, go here or simply follow the links I put up.  I try to put the links with the lowest prices under the image, but sometimes one of the sites runs a sale so it doesn’t always work.

I’ll continue to organize this online portfolio, so make sure you check the pages on the top menu to find new work.  Thanks for all of the follows and support!