Starry Night Repurposed VCR Case

20171118_191836This is one of my favorite new projects – using VCR Cassettes as a canvas.  This one was created in several layers.  The first was an acrylic pour which brought all of the blue and gray shades into the piece.  I immediately thought “galaxy” when it dried, and then built on that idea.  Next, I used blue glitter suspended in a transparent medium to get the swirl effects shown below.20171001_155557 - Copy

You can just make out the faint shimmer above the black line along the bottom.  It’s subtle in the pictures, but you can still see the glimmer through the resin coating.  It looks like the glitter is just floating on top of the swirls.  The dark cells are also quite lovely and remind me of distant planets.

When I was happy with the background, I went to town adding stars and – yes – more glitter.  20171118_191836

When everything was in place, I sealed it with a thick coat of resin.  I’ve tried a bunch of them but for my cases, I like the Gedeo Crystal by Pebeo (not a typo, Gedeo by Pebeo).  I absolutely love creating these small works.  They’re great little places to store things, and I love something with a dual purpose – plus, it keeps all of those VCR Cassettes out of the landfill – win!

If you have to have this one, it’s still available from my Etsy Shop.

I am going to keep creating these little wall art pieces and I’ll post about each one – every one is different and I love combining all sorts of different materials when I create them – I never know what they’re going to be until I haul out my supplies!