About Me

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I am an artist and freelance surface pattern designer.  I have created original surface pattern designs for the apparel and home decor markets based on provided trends and client briefs.  In July 2019, my artwork was represented by Pattern Observer Studio and exhibited for the first time at Premiere Vision.  My inspiration comes from nature and global textiles like kimono fabric and tropical prints.  Lately, I have focused more on Chinoiserie style paintings and patterns.

Most of my happiest memories involve some aspect of nature.  From the frogs and dragonflies on the golf course, to the hummingbirds and flowers in the garden – my inspiration always begins with nature.   That makes my art emotional for me and it is from those joyful moments in life that my patterns begin.

As a surface and textile designer, I incorporate many floral motifs into my work – often combining them with global textiles to create intricate patterns.  I find the beauty of traditional fabrics captivating and elements of those designs appear in my work as well.   I design either in bold colors or monochromatic neutrals – it all depends on how I see the design being used.

I focus on pattern design because it amazes me how a new pillow can change the look of an entire room or how a bold colored scarf can transform a plain black dress.  I think of my art as an accessory for a well loved space or outfit and as I work on a concept for a new collection, I keep in mind how those textiles and patterns will be used.

My designs are hand drawn, painted in acrylics or watercolors, and then digitally manipulated into patterns and designs.  I love working on a digital platform but sometimes I need the tactile experience of feeling a pen or brush against paper.  Since I’ve been doing this for so many years, I have learned that starting with an original piece of art makes the design process so much more interesting.

My designs are available as products and for licensing through my Fine Art America site here.  If you want to license a design but need the color changed or other minor adjustments, please contact me and I’ll post the revision to that page.  My seamless repeats are available through that site and I am also available for commissions. 

If you are interested in my design process – and want to see works in progress, get tips and tutorials, and view my studio, please visit my design blog at http://sanddogdesigns.art 

All images of prints contained on this site are copyrighted. Please do not post any of the collection images which do not have a “Pin” button contained under them. If you’d like to pin one of the products, I’d be most pleased or you can simply follow me on Pinterest to see all of the new products as they are completed.