I am a multiple-media artist, photographer, and author who divides my time between the mountains and the seashore. I grew up on the Jersey Shore and have since lived up and down the East Coast – mainly in New York and Massachusetts.

I enjoy putting traditional brush to paper and canvas, but sometimes life is just too busy to worry about cleaning up my studio – so I started using a digital platform a few years ago to clean up a few paintings that I just didn’t quite love.  The results were so inspiring that I now think of my physical paintings as the foundation for digital art.

I love creating images that inspire others – so you can find links to my various shops in the sidebar and on the top menu.  Because there are so many interesting things to paint and photograph, a cohesive portfolio isn’t in my near future.  The proceeds from my art sales go into a fund to make my family’s dream of owning a tiny vacation home by the sea a reality.

My fascination with the sea continues to inspire me and I was lucky enough to marry a man who loves sitting by the water as much as I do. I hope you enjoy poking around this site.


The Story of Sand and Chi Art

Back in 2012, I posted a painting of orange poppies on Cafepress on a whim – and it sold as a shower curtain again and again.  That gave me an idea, so I started designing shower curtains from my art.  Being an entrepreneur has caused me to give up a few of my other hobbies (like my garden which is now a sleeping spot for deer because it’s so overgrown they have great cover) but I wouldn’t change it at all.

My goal is to build Sand & Chi over the next few years so it becomes retirement income for me – and so it buys my family a small vacation home on Boston’s North Shore.  The house would give us more time together and provide us with a place to go without worrying about making it match everyone’s schedule.   I’m excited every time I do something to further Sand & Chi’s success.

For a while, I kept thinking that I should finally settle on a “style” – a sort of artistic signature  but the truth is, I’m inspired by so many things that picking just one is well…silly.  So I create whatever I want – and then sell it across a variety of platforms.  I’ve learned a little about that process along the way and from time to time I post about those experiences.  If you’re curious then check out the links on the header.  You’ll see I sell different designs through different sites – it’s part of my journey.

The story of Sand and Chi Jewelry

On vacation a few years ago, my aunt saw a stretch ring that she fell in love with.  It was a simple design but she was so thrilled because she could finally wear the one piece of jewelry she always loved again – rings!  Arthritis had made standard rings impossible for her but stretch rings were a total revelation and the joy that small stretch ring brought her was priceless.

I hunted the internet to buy her more for Christmas that year, but found a very limited selection.  So, being creative, I decided to make her a few.  She was so excited to have choices that I opened an Etsy shop to sell the “extras”.  Rings became earrings, and then pendants, then bracelets….

Then life got crazy – as it does when we get a little older – so the shop has been closed temporarily because I can’t keep up with the demands of running a solopreneur operation at this point!  I’m still creating jewelry, and hope to open the shop again in the near future.

A note about copyright:  These images are original artwork so therefore, they are intellectual and artistic property protected under the intellectual property laws.  Please do not re-post the photos or use them commercially without contacting the artist(sandandchi.wordpress.com).rt

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