I am a multiple-media artist, photographer, and author who divides my time between the mountains and the seashore. I grew up on the Jersey Shore and have since lived up and down the East Coast – mainly in New York and Massachusetts.

I am inspired by the patterns nature creates – be it rusty farm equipment or the patterns of seaweed and barnacles on shells I find along the beach. Nature takes clean lines and roughs them up a bit, much like we get a little roughed up in life. The joy for me is in seeing the exquisite beauty in the random patterns left by life.

I enjoy putting traditional brush to paper and canvas, but a few years ago I started using a digital platform to clean up a few paintings that I just didn’t quite love.  The results were so inspiring that I now think of my physical paintings as the foundation for digital art.  I work with layers to create images with my own signature style and I can’t resist adding a layer of rusted metal or a sparkling bokeh – with digital art, the possibilities are endless.



Back in 2012, I posted a painting of orange poppies on Cafepress on a whim – and it sold as a shower curtain again and again.  That gave me an idea, so I started designing shower curtains from my art.  When I have the time to really paint and play with my images, I tend to focus on richly textured pieces that really work much better as wall-art. So I design both the whimsical and the fine art, always balancing between the two styles. If you’re interested in seeing the design and illustration work, you can hop over to Sand Dog Designs and check out my new work.

For a while, I kept thinking that I would finally settle on a “style” – a sort of artistic signature  but the truth is, I’m inspired by so many things that picking just one is silly.  So I create whatever I want – and then use my illustrations and other designs for home decor items under Sand Dog Art.

A note about copyright:  These images are original artwork so therefore, they are intellectual and artistic property protected under the intellectual property laws.  Please do not re-post the photos or use them commercially without contacting the artist(sandandchi.wordpress.com).



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